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FA-Lv 1Automatic Single Color Bottle Screen Printer
FA-LV1 One Color Automatic Bottle Screen Printer

Specification :
Model : FA-LV1
Max Print Area : 200x140mm  φ60
Net Weight : 1000kg
Power Consumption : 20A
Volatge : 220V/3Phase
Air Pressure : 4~6kg/ cm²
Dimension:255x110x160 cm
Capacity:1500~3600 pcs

Feature : 
1.  Mechanism and program could be modulable into 1~6 color
2.  Suitable for bottle in 8~60mm diameter, length 20~180mm
3.  Machine capacity:1500~3600pcs/hr (Depend on the size of Art Work)
4.  Squeegee stand position adjusted by nominal shank, easier to adjust printing area
5.  Suitable for different type of squeegee
6.  Adjustable printing angle, to adapt different shape of bottle
7.  Adsorbed Squeegee Clip (Patent No. M390871).
     Change the squeegee position, adjust and disassemble the stand easily.
8.  High output UV lamp, drying faster, saving space
9.  Programmable Logical Controller – Easy to add functions
10. 7 Inches Touch Panel (65536 Color TFT HMI Interface)
      A. Input/Output Full Display
      B.Malfunction Detector / Screen Display – Makes it easier for operator to resolve  
         the problem
      C.Electronic Air Pressure Sensor – Alarms
      D.Free to set the screen plate used number of times. The machine stops when it reaches the
         set value.
11. Pneumatic Squeegee Stand – Up and Down
      A.Traditional machines are manually lifted and easily change the squeegee position
      B.When lift the squeegee stand, the ink is outflow easily.
      C.A lot more convenient to clean the screen plate.
12. Using Germany FESTO Poleless Pneumatic Cylinder

Step 1 : Automatic Bottles

Step 2 : Flame Treatment

Step 3 : Continuous Printing

Step 4 : UV light Treatment