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FA-500TCF Micso SD Custom Screen Printer
FA-500TCF Micso SD Custom Screen Printer(加吸風治具)

Feature :
1. 4.3 Inches Touch Panel (65536 Color TFT HMI Interface)
  A. Input/Output Full Display
  B. Malfunction Detector / Screen Display – Makes it easier for operator
     to resolve the problem.
  C. Electronic Air Pressure Sensor – Alarms
  D. Free to set the screen plate used number of times. The machine stops
     when it reaches the set value. 

2. Programmable Logical Controller – Easy to add functions 
3. Adjustable Squeegee Pressure.
4. Adsorbed Squeegee Clip (Patent No. M390871) 
  *Change the squeegee position, adjust and disassemble the stand easily.

5. Pneumatic Squeegee Stand – Up and Down
  A. Traditional machines are manually lifted and easily change the squeegee
  B. When lift the squeegee stand, the ink is outflow easily. 
  C. A lot more convenient to clean the screen plate.

6. Up/Down Sleeve - Shaped by injection molding. Fast, Stable and Quiet.
7.Left to Right Stroke - Servo Motor + Linear Guideway + Ballscrews
9. Fixture with the new method, do not have to transfer tray, do not have to set the
   mold, printing the original disk into and out, easy printing operation and baking

Application :
Micro SD /  SD Card