Six Color T-Shirt Screen Printer

  • A�Product Name : Six Color T-Shirt Printer

    Product Model : FA-T606

    1. The board is not made of the conventional wood or aluminum. This unit employs a specially designed Bakelite shirt board to fully overcome warping problems.
    2. The adoption of a gas spring, instead of a metal spring, ensures smooth operation.
    3. Manually operated.
    4. The unit is well suited for printing on knitting, textile garments and piece goods.
    5. Use in conjunction with a T-shirt dryer to greatly increase the impression of the printed image.
    6. Six-color screens are continuously driven and accurately positioned by a rotary disk.
    7. One operator can print continuously up to 6 substrate on one machine.

    **Suitable for T-Shirts, Shopping Bags, Plastic Bags and other printing.

  • MODEL FA-T808 FA-T606 FA-T404 FA-T101
    Max. Printing Area 400 X 500 mm 400 X 500 mm 400 X 500 mm 400 X 500 mm
    Printing Station 8 stations 6 stations 4 stations 1 station
    Printing Color 8 colors 6 colors 4 colors 1 color
    Dimension of Machine L2670 x W2670 x H1070 mm L2300 x W2300 x H1070 mm L2050 x W2050 x H1070 mm L900 x W430 x H300 mm
    Machine Weight 230kgs 150kgs 100kgs 23kgs
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