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2-Color Pad Printer Machine

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FC-162ARC-X 2-Color Round Plate Ink Cup Pad Printer
FC-162ARC-X 2-Color Round Plate Ink Cup Pad Printer (Customized Machine)
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FC-162ARC-X 2-Color Round Plate Ink Cup Pad Printer (Customized Machine)

A.   Client can choose paid add additional peripheral devices like suction function, pressing material, pusher positioning, automatic discharge mechanism, industrial camera, and blow dryer shelf and so on. 
B.   Built-in intelligent software which show column chart of past 30 days on the screen
C.  Color touch panel, built-in three different languages- Chinese (traditional), English, Indonesian

* FC-162ARC-X, 1 stand for moving of rubber (125mm).  In addition, 1 also stand for what size of the machine.  Moreover, 2 stand for moving of rubber(200mm).  Finally, 3 stand for moving of rubber(300mm).
*FC-162ARC- 6 stand for using 60mm diameter ink cup
*FC-162ARC -2 stand for two-color machine

*Fixed material by suction function
*Automatic ejector
*Controlled by PLC digital microcomputer, auto detector system-malfunction display, convenient for repair
*Embedded cost saving light bulb
*Touch panel

Machine Print color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net weight
FC-162ARC 2
L:90 W:200 H:10
600~1200 pcs
L:80 W:50 H:140

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