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Single-Color Pad Printer Machine

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FC-161ANC-PD Automatic Single-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
FC-161ANC-PD Automatic Single-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
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FC-161ANC-PD Automatic Single-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer

*Classic style which is one of the common types in the worldwide.   Using 60mm diameter ink cup. Exclusive devices with front and back sliding sleeve system. It greatly enhances the precision of the machine running.
A. Finecause traditional and common type – FC-161ANC, 1 stand for moving of rubber (125mm).  In addition, 1 also stand for what size of the machine.  Moreover, 2 stand for moving of rubber(200mm).  Finally, 3 stand for moving of rubber(300mm).
*FC-161ANC- 6 stand for ink cup size is 60mm diameter
*FC-161ANC – 1 stand for single color machine
B. It can go with 90mm of ink cup or double groups of ink cups even more like 3 groups of ink cups becomes 2-color machine or 3-color machine.
C. Client can choose paid add additional installation peripheral devices like slide rail, round plate, oval plate, suction function, flip function, rotary function, and blow dryer shelf and so on.
D. It can also go with Finecause slim module
E. Built-in intelligent software which show column chart of past 30 days on the screen
F. Color touch panel, built-in three different languages- Chinese (traditional), English, Indonesian

*Color touch panel with 4.3 inches (HMI interface)
*Input / Output full display
*Abnormal alarm display
*Patent No. 311585
*Piece by piece freefall feeding
*Cylinder - style progressive propulsion
*Pneumatic cylinder fixed position, automatic clamp before printing.

1. Vibrating Plate feeding

2. Automatic feeding

 3. Printing Positioning

4. Automatic discharge mechenism

5. Finished product


Machine Print color Steel plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net weight
FC-161ANC-PD 1
L:200 W:90 H:10
1200~1800 Pcs
L:63 W:60 H:120

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