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4-Color Pad Printer Machine

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FC-264AOC Standard Servo Pad Printer
FC-264AOC Standard Servo Pad Printer
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FC-264AOC Standard Servo Pad Printer

The advantage is that using four color pad printer can finish product at once.
A. Client can choose paid add additional peripherals devices like suction function, pressing material, pusher positioning, auto pusher mechanism, industrial camera, blow dryer shelf and so on.
B. Color touch panel, built-in three different languages- Chinese (traditional), English, Indonesian

*Four stations with positioning cylinder for more precision printing
*Automatic sensor inlet pressure, lower than the set value to suspend printing and alarm
*Using 60mm ink cup
*Color touch panel with 7 inches, controlled by Panasonic PLC
*Oval plate rotary using precision servo motor driver
* Exclusive Patented Adjustable Ink-Scrape Mechanism (Patent No. M311585)
* Adjustable steel plate base – able to change angles front and back, left and right
* Hot air device – improve material drying speed
* Adjustable print speed and turntable running speed – it can match with production speed
*Sheet metal machine body, fashion appearance and strong structure

Suitable for:coins printing, toys, stationery, watches, accessories, electronic products, switches, buttons, lighter surface and so on.
Plastic printing, metal finished products, semi-finished products, glass ceramics product or uneven surface printing.
Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy to access materials.
It is also able to expand the automation peripherals to increase production.

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