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2-Color Pad Printer Machine

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FC-162ACC Two Color Ink Cup Pad Printer (Iron table heightening)
FC-162ACC Two Color Ink Cup Pad Printer (Iron table heightening)
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FC-162ACC Two Color Ink Cup Pad Printer (Iron table heightening)
Slide type two-color machine, the advantage is that only a fixture can be installed to produce, and disc or oval disk is required to use CNC processing multiple sets of consistent fixture.
It is especially suitable for users who do not have a small amount of production. The cost of the machine is also lower than that of a disc or elliptical disk, but the capacity is lower than that of a disc or an oval machine, about 720 ~ 1200PCS / H.
A.  FC-162ACC, 1 stand for moving of rubber (125mm).  In addition, 1 also stand for what size of the machine.  Moreover, 2 stand for moving of rubber(200mm).  Finally, 3 stand for moving of rubber(300mm).
*FC-162ACC - 6 stand for suitable size of ink cup is 60mm diameter
*FC-162ACC – 2 stand for two color machine.
B.  Client can choose paid add additional installation peripheral devices like suction function, flip function, rotate function, and blow dryer shelf and so on.
C. Built-in intelligent software which show column chart of past 30 days on the monitor
D. Color touch panel, built-in three different languages- Chinese (traditional), English, Indonesian

*65536 color TFT touch panel
* PLC control, easy for add functions
* Exclusive Patented Adjustable Ink-Scrape Mechanism (Patent No. M311585)
* Embedded cost saving bulb light
* Malfunction screen display
* The pressure of ink cup is adjustable
* Electric air pressure sensor
*Adjustable steel plate base – able to change angles front and back, left and right
Suitable for:special product printing, stationery, medical product, optical product, toys, tools, sports product, transportation printing like bicycle pedal, plastic printing, electronic product and so on.

* Finecause produced pad printers own exclusive patent (No. M311585) and is different from others which only use magnet for suction function. Our new double-axis ink-scarping system makes it better and cleaner for scraping the ink.

2-axis independent scraping ink system    Large-sized XY base      Japan DAIDO oilless bearing

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