FC-303OP 3-Color Round-Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer

    • Each pad printer can be moved (85mm front and back, 120mm left to right) separately. Specially suitable for diversity of products.
    • Auto sensing the entrance pressure. The machine stops and alarms when lower than the set value.
    • Electrostatic dusting before printing. Enhance printing quality.
    • Using “Japan DAIDO Oilless Bearing”
    • 7 inches Colored Touch Panel. Panasonic PLC Control.
    • 60mm and 90mm Ink-Cups for selection.
    • 3 Hot Air Nozzles for Replacement

    Suitable forA�

    Toys, stationery,A�jewelry,A�watchA�surface,A�electronic products, switches,A�buttons,A�metalA�finishedA�andA�semi-finished products,A�ceramic glassA�products, products withA�unevenA�surface.
    Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy to access the materials. It is also able to expand theA�automationA�peripherals to increase production.

  • Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
    FC-303 OP 3
    L:200 W:90 H:10
    900~1200 Pcs
    L:131 W:161 H:160
    1000 Kgs

  • OPERATING MANUAL – FC-303OP 3-Color Round-Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer: [wpdm_file id=24]
    DM-FC-303OP 3-Color Round-Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer: [wpdm_file id=45]