FC-292 2-Color Ink-Cup Pad-Printer w/Sliding Rail

    • 65536 Color TFT Touch Panel
    • PLC Control, Easy to Add Functions
    • Adjustable Ink-Scraping Devide (Pantent No. M311585). Easy to adjust the pressure of the Ink-Scraping.
    • Embedded Cost Saving Light Bulb
    • Malfunction Detector. Screen Display
    • Adjustable Ink-Cup Pressure
    • Electronic Air Pressure Sensor
    • Adjustable Steel Plate Base. Able to Change Angles front and back, left to right.

    Suitable For:

    Stationery, Medical, Optical, Tools, Sports, Toys, Plastic Industry, Computer and Related Electronic Products that Require Precision Printing.

  • Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
    FC-292 2
    800~1500 Pcs
    L:80 W:50 H:140
    125 Kgs
  • DM-FC-292 2-Color Ink-Cup Pad-Printer w/Sliding Rail: