FC-252OP-1 Small Round Plate 2-Color Pad Printer

    • Exclusively Developed Small Round Plate 2-Color pad Printer
    • Able to Add Special Clip Jigs (Based on Customers’ Needs)
    • Release when Feeding; Cliping when printing. Fast and Accruate.
    • Automatically distinguish if the object is placed correctly.
    • Auto-Detect if your hand’s left the turning plate.
  • Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
    FC-252OP-1 2
    600~1200 Pcs
    L:80 W:50 H:140
    125 Kgs
  • OPERATING MANUAL – Pad Printer: [wpdm_file id=13]

    DM-FC-125OP-1 Round Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer (Auto-Feeding Video Camera): [wpdm_file id=44]