FC-151 Single Color Ink-Plate Pad Printer

    • 65536 Color TFT Touch Panel
    • PLC Control, Easy to Add Functions
    • Emdedded Cost Saving Light Bulb
    • Malfunction Detector.A�Screen Display
    • Electronic Air Pressure Sensor

    Suitable For:

    Toys, Stationery,A�Jewelry,A�Watch Surface,A�Eelectronic Products, Switches,A�Buttons,A�MetalA�finishedA�andA�semi-finished products,A�Ceramic GlassA�products,A�unevenA�surfaceA�printing.
    Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy to access the materials. It is also able to expand theA�automationA�peripherals to increase production.

  • Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
    FC-151 1
    1200~1800 Pcs
    L:63 W:40 H:120
    105 Kgs
  • Coming Soon…

  • OPERATING MANUAL – Pad Printer: [wpdm_file id=13]