FC-125OP-1 Round Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer (Auto-Holding w/Video Camera)

    • Color Touch Panel, Panasonic PLC Programmable Control System.
    • Auto-Holding Printing. Three-Point Positioning.
    • 410K Pixel Video Camera
    • 8 Inches LCD Monitor, Assist monitoring position and quality
    • Input / Ouput Full Display
    • Adjustable Ink-Cup Pressure. Micro Computer Auto Bug Detector, Convenient and Easy to Maintenance
  • Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
    FC-125OP-1 1
    L:90 W:200 H:10
    1200~1800 Pcs
    L:73 W:50 H:120
    120 Kgs

  • OPERATING MANUAL – Pad Printer:

    DM-FC-125OP-1 Round Plate/Ink-Cup Pad Printer (Auto-Feeding Video Camera):