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arrA�A�The Introduction of the Latest Japanese Technology
Wet/Thermostat grinding printed steel plate (The only one used in the
industary), providing customers with high flatness detailed printed plate.
Quality enhanced with price unchanged. Please call for details.
FIND CAUSE was founded in June, 2002. We started our business with OEM pad/screen printing.
Sejarah FineCause
2003 Preparations for production of plastic head, steel plate and etc.
2004 Began manufacturing pads, steel plates and other related accessories.
2005 Plan and design of pad printers; prepare to produce.
2006 Started manufacturing pad printers, and filed numbers of patent applications.
2007 Began to manufacture all kinds of screen printers.
2008 Developments of small pad printers such as horizontal pad printer and a variety of other models.
2009 A: Developed six-color visual positioning pad printer successfully for Central Mint. Fast CCD judgement withservo motor and 20 precision rotary fixtures open a new era for the pad printing machines.B: All styles of the circular Pad/Screen printers.
2010 A: Launched new removable squeegee folder for constant users.
Ita��s a lot quicker and more accurate to change the squeegee and
adjust its position.B: The introduction of the high-voltage vacuum defoaming machine
to manufacture the pads.
2011 A: Launched single color/2- color dervo pad printing machine.B: Launched 3-color auto pad printing machine + auto flip.C: Launched 4-color auto pad printing machine and 2-color auto pad printing machine.
2012 A: Launched auto flame ignition machine.B: Launched 2-color small round plate pad printing machine.C: Introduction of 2.5D measuring instrument for steel plate production.
arrA�A�Concept of Culture
Thank you for the support during the past years. Fine Cause will continue to serve you with positive, innovative and pragmatic attitude. And will provide you more and better pad/screen printing machines.
Besides offering related machinery and equipment, we hope to share our skills and experience with you. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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